Since childhood, our founder has been fascinated by the miraculous powers of natural ingredients in skincare, hair care and overall wellness that were used at his home. It was this way of life, growing up in a traditional household, which sowed the seeds of passion to learn and understand more about how traditional remedies have proved effective for centuries. The quest spanned all over the country, and it revealed to him nature’s wonderful secrets in seeds, plants, flowers and fruits.

Rooted in spirituality, the gift of this knowledge stirred to share its benefits with others as well. Together with the team, who shares the same dedication, they laboured for nearly a decade, learning and discovering the efficacy and richness of Indian origin plants, flowers and fruits. Add to this, their years of experience with leading brands in the industry helped create unique innovative blends that maximise the desired effect in a product.

While creating these beautiful gifts from nature, they realised it is also their responsibility, however small it might be, to make the world better. From this commitment for a peaceful co-existence with nature was born ‘Pure Aatman’.


All Natural!

The beauty of natural is immense.

The satisfaction of dignity is divine.

I do not need to be someone.

I am just fine.



To create a brand that stands for all inclusiveness, rises beyond all biases, and encourages people to be and choose "All Natural."



We are committed to creating pure and non-toxic care solutions only from natural ingredients and contributing towards a happy planet.

Our Promise



Three simple words dictate all that we believe in and practice: ‘We are clear. We are clear about creating safe and effective products for you and ourselves. Products that make you feel beautiful and in turn transform into ‘Pure Aatman’. 

We are clear about having zero tolerance towards harmful chemicals and any sort of animal testing. We are clear about creating products that blend natural ingredients sourced from flowers, fruits and plants.

Our Values

We Value Safety And Effectiveness

Every product that comes to you first goes through rigorous standards of testing for safety and effectiveness. We do this because sometimes during the manufacturing, lifecycle tests on natural ingredients can be unpredictable. Also please note, we never conduct any testing on animals. We are clear: if doesn’t live up to its promise, we never sell it.

We Value Transparency

Each and every ingredient that goes into our products is listed on its labels. You will not find words like ‘permitted flavours’ or ‘fragrance’ to mask the identity of certain ingredients. We are clear: you have a right to know what goes into your products.

We Value Evolution

We want to create a better world. To make this possible, we are continually working to create with new and better products. Together with you, we will learn, innovate and keep evolving. We are clear: we want to make every day beautiful.