Pure Youth – Face Oil
Kumkumadi Face Oil
with benefits of Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus, Kumkumadi Oil


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Pure Youth Bed Time Face Oil is an incredible booster for overnight application which enriches the skin. It is a unique Face Oil that works on your skin while you sleep, allowing its Ayurvedic ingredients to nurture and repair skin to the deepest layers.

Product Texture : Oil
Free Form : Parabens, Sulphates, Heavy metals, SLS, SLES, DEA, TEA
Fragrance : Natural fragrance of Kumkumadi oil
Skin Type : All skin type

Key Ingredients & Their Benefits

Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus
Moisturizes skin, fights inflammation, calms and soothes skin, balances oil production to prevent acne and boosts radiance.
Kumkumadi Oil
It eradicates skin-related issues and brings out the skin’s natural radiance. The oil is rich in antioxidants which improve skin complexion and reduce dark circles. It also reduces blemishes and scars on the skin apart from lightening the dark spots.
Indian Trumpet Flower
Indian Trumpet Flower
A powerful antioxidant, the Indian Trumpet Flower also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which treat skin infections effectively.
lotus pollen
Lotus Pollen
Lotus Pollen purify, exfoliate and whiten the skin, giving it a youthful finish.

Direction to Use

Pure Youth-Face Oil
Take 3 - 4 drops of the face oil and apply it over your face with fingertips. Gently massage on the skin until it’s fully absorbed.


For external use only. Store in a cool and dry place. Colour of product may change with time due to the use of natural ingredients. This does not affect its quality and efficacy
Bed Time Face OilPure Youth – Face Oil
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